It’s simple to discover unfortunate statistics about the sexual assault rate on women. While boys and men can also be assaulted sexually, most of the victims are women. With this, it isn’t a surprise that more girls and women are looking into martial arts training for self-defense. 


When it comes to self-defense martial arts, not every training is created the same. It is vital to look for an art that you prefer and is really helpful for self-defense. If you are planning to enroll in Washington DC martial arts club, here are a couple of tips you can follow: 

Have a Strategy 

If you think that you don’t have that much body strength, don’t worry. You don’t have to be very strong to be able to defend yourself.  

You will need to have a strategy if you want to choose the correct self-defense martial arts. The truth is that you will only do harm than good if you go for a punch with a person who wants to harm you. It can even get you killed. You can prevent almost every confrontation using excellent situational awareness. But, you’ve got to know how to defend yourself if an unavoidable situation occurs. 

Causing enough pain in the right areas is the key to excellent self-defense art. Spots such as the groin, eyes, nose, and throat are all excellent areas to begin. Aiming one of these spots and landing an excellent blow might cripple the person and will give you enough time to run away. 

Know Your Limits and Strength 

Men and women are built differently. Of course, neither men and women is better than the other. But, knowing your strengths will help you choose the ideal self-defense martial art. Women have a couple of traits they can use for a tactical advantage. For instance, according to studies, women might resist fatigue better compared to men. Also, women have a tendency to carry most of their strength in their legs or lower bodies.  

You can utilize your leg to strike back in crucial spots if the fight does go to the ground. This will provide you enough time to run away. Aside from that, overloading with only 2 or 3 strikes in crucial spots and controlling distance works well against a huge attacker.  

Guarantee the Quality of What You Are Learning 

The first thing you should do is to look for the right instructor if you are looking at training self-defense martial art. There are a lot of fraud instructors that teach things that don’t work under high-stress and high-adrenaline conditions. Most of them also teach things that are extremely complicated. 

You’ve got to ensure that the methods you learn are tested with pressure. Of course, you won’t have to look for fights in dark alleys to examine the techniques. You should be able to utilize the techniques in sparring, grappling or rolling, or against another student who is offering active resistance. It is a lot better if you practice these techniques in approaches that copies real-life situation.